By Roland Stewart | May 26 2022

Concerts are a great way for musicians to interact with fans. A lot of times fans will more so buy concert tickets before they purchase a full album because they want to get a great show. Sometimes this may have not been the case. Here are 6 of the worst-selling concerts of all time.

Brandy in South Africa (2013)

Brandy was about to give a surprise performance at an all-day festival. Of course, since no one got the memo of who the surprise performer was, things cleared out very quickly. Sadly, only 40 people were in attendance at this concert. Even the South African news crews packed up before the performance. After just a few songs, Brandy left the stage.

Kanye West in Missouri (2013)

For someone who was basically getting back into his prime and known to put on big performances, it was quite shocking to see that only 4,500 concertgoers attended the venue of 19,000. This was very surprising seeing as West was just selling out stadiums when it came to the Watch the Throne Tour with Jay-Z just a year prior to 2013.

Mase in London (2014)

Mase, Fat Joe, and Foxy Brown were all scheduled to perform at London’s Indigo at The O2. There were numerous problems that took place, such as Foxy Brown canceling and Fat Joe not being able to get into the country. Mase being a professional took to the stage and performed in front of just 150 people (the venue could fit 2,750 attendees).

Katy Perry (2017)

A lot of things plagued Perry’s Witness Tour. Her album received lackluster reviews. Also, the tour was significantly delayed due to stage issues. They were trying to get everything together and things weren’t coming along well. Followed by negative press behind the tour, it just made for a big mess. Although Perry did eventually tour for her latest album, there was just so much in the air that it resulted in low ticket sales.

Sisqo in Uganda (2013)

Sisqo hasn’t had much fame since the “Thong Song” and “Incomplete.” He took to the stage in an outdoor venue where only 400 people showed up. Only 40 were in the VIP section while the rest were in the cheap seats. Low ticket sales were blamed on inexperienced promoters.

Nelly in Iraq (2015)

Nelly was scheduled to perform for Kurdish Troops fighting ISIS. While it was virtually no one there, it’s still unclear if this was a public or private performance. However, this didn’t deter Nelly because he said the people welcomed him there and gave him first-class treatment. He praised his fans for the great support and would love to come back there.


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