By Roland Stewart | May 26 2022

While we laud our favorite musicians, they’re still human beings. They once had a regular 9-5 as well. Here are 5 famous musicians who had a day job.

Jon Bon Jovi

Before he became one of the ultimate rock stars, he worked as a janitor at his cousin’s recording studio. Smart move because that helped him get closer to his dreams.


The business magnate and queen of pop, Madonna, worked at a Dunkin’ Donuts of all places. Apparently, the gig only lasted one day because she squirted a customer with a jelly donut.


Before becoming one of the world’s critically acclaimed rappers and billionaire businessmen, he tumbled in the streets as a dealer. He was able to fund his label with Dame Dash and Kareem “Biggs” Burke through his street money. However, he turned out to be a music mogul once he was able to hone it into a gift for rhyming. Also, it doesn’t hurt that he has Beyonce on his side.


Alecia Moore, aka Pink, had a regular gig at McDonald’s in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The rocker with great R & B chops is one that doesn’t reminisce back on her old gig like others. Rather, she just remembers it as a time of being broke, and a reminder to appreciate what she has now.

Kanye West

Big-time producer, rapper, and fashion designer, Kanye, started from humble beginnings as a sales assistant at the Gap. He even spoke about his experience in a song called “Spaceship.” Now he’s a billionaire due to his own fashion line called “Yeezy.” He has a huge deal with Gap in place that’s making him beaucoup money. Talk about everything coming full circle, right?


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