By Roland Stewart | Apr 30 2022

Stefani Germanotta aka Lady Gaga stepped on the scene and created a huge splash in the music game. Also, she’s done her fair share on the acting tip as well. While there are a lot of interesting things we know from her music and antics, there’s still some uniqueness tucked under the big presence. Here are 5 unique facts about Lady Gaga.

Metal Is Gaga’s Favorite Music

You’d think the pop star likes something a bit more melodic, but metal is her jam. While she was waitressing at a metal bar, she grew a big appreciation for bands, such as AC/DC, Metallica, and Black Sabbath.

She Taught Herself How to Play Piano at Age 4

She played the piano for years. While she later enrolled in formal piano lessons, but she began to play by learning everything by ear.

She Originally Wrote “Telephone” for Britney Spears

She has a mean pen game. The song was originally for Britney Spears’ “Circus” album. However, the track didn’t make the final cut. Gaga waited a few years to use it for herself and it became a duet with her and Beyonce.

Lady Gaga Is a College Dropout 

Just a year after she attended NYU, she decided to drop out to pursue music. Her father cut her off financially and she took a job waitressing to support herself and go after her true passion.

She’s Obsessed With My Little Pony

As a kid, she was obsessed with the magical creature. She identified with the misfit aspect, which certainly is a part of her style.


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