By Roland Stewart | May 24 2022

The pop and country princess has been putting out hit records for over 14 years. She’s sold over 200 million records worldwide and continues to do her thing in the music biz. With all that being said, here are 5 interesting things about Taylor Swift.

She Comes From a Banking Family

Not only is her father a stockbroker for Merill Lynch, but her family has 3 generations of bank presidents. In fact, she was expected to go to business school and become involved in some type of finance herself.

Faith Hill Was Her Inspiration to Move to Nashville

Swift is originally from Pennsylvania but convinced her parents to move to Nashville to help her pursue her music career. When Swift watched a tv special on Faith Hill’s success in music and her re-location to Nashville helped greatly, she was inspired to make the same move. At just 11 years old, she passed out demos to different record labels in hopes of getting signed.

She Performed at a Bar at Just 13 Years Old

There were apparently a bunch of bikers and rock and roll guys, but she performed anywhere she could. While it was a bit of a weird experience, she says performances like these helped her build confidence and get comfortable with talking in front of a crowd.

Her Mother Chose “Taylor” Because It Was More Business Appropriate

On paper, Taylor is a gender-neutral name. She wanted to make sure that her daughter didn’t face any type of judgment before meeting in person when it came to a career in business. Well, it seems like she chose the right name after all with the massive success her daughter’s had for years.

She Was a Young Poet

Ever since the fourth grade, she’s shown a knack for writing. She even won a national poetry contest at that time with her piece. “Monster in My Closet.” Swift has shown over the years how her poetry definitely influences the way she approaches her songwriting ability.


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