By Roland Stewart | May 3 2022

Adele has an amazing track record with 147 awards in different sectors. While you know her for her music achievements, there are a few things a bit off-the-radar. Here are 5 facts you didn’t know about Adele.

She Charges Fans to Meet Her Backstage

She does it for a great cause. To meet with her, you must donate at least $20 to SANDS (the charity of her choice).

“Hello” Got Nearly 200 Million Views in A Week! 

In just 48 hours, Adele’s “Hello” video got 50 million views. It was the highest music video debut in 2015. Currently, the views are over 2.8 billion!

Three Ranks Away From Becoming a Dame

Yes, royalty recognizes her! In 2013, she was awarded the Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by Prince Charles. She’s just 3 ranks shy of getting the dame title.

She Still Doesn’t Care About How People Perceive Her Looks

She’s slimmed down quite a bit since her debut in the music game. However, she attributes her look to wanting to be healthy. She doesn’t care about getting attention for her looks, because she just cares about the music.

She Loves Rihanna

Adele says she has one of the best squads of smart and funny girls. However, it would be an honor to have Rihanna in the mix. She said it would be really cool if Rihanna were in her squad.


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