By Roland Stewart | Mar 4 2022

Katy Perry is one of the ultimate pop stars of this generation. Her fame keeps getting bigger as her talent grows with singing, acting, and performing. However, there are some things you may not know about Ms. Perry. Take a look at 7 fun facts about Katy Perry.

She Grew Up in a Conservative Household

Her parents are Pentecostal pastors and she grew up moving around while her parents set up churches. Also, her family was so religious that she couldn’t eat Lucky Charms because luck involved Lucifer.

Decided High School Wasn’t for Her

When she was 15, she entered her freshman year of high school. However, it just wasn’t for her. She took a GED test and went after her dreams.

Her Real Name Isn’t “Katy Perry”

She was actually born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. The Perry is her mother’s maiden name. It’s a good thing that she did choose that name because Katy Hudson would be way too close to Golden globe winner, Kate Hudson.

Her Mother Dated Jimi Hendrix

Her parents both had a crazy life before turning into born-again Christians. Her mom went on one date with Hendrix, and Perry jokingly said if her mother weren’t such a prude, she’d be a Hendrix.

She Has 7 Tattoos

Ranging from pop culture to religion, she has 7 different designs that mean something to her. The Hello Kitty one is pretty cute.

Multiple Labels Dropped Her

Perry didn’t get fame right away. She had a record deal with Island Records, and they dropped her shortly. Even worse was her deal with Columbia Records, because she actually recorded a full-length album. This didn’t see the light of day. However, she believed in herself and later got a deal with Capitol Records. She released “One of the Boys”, which was her breakout album.

Her Songwriting Is Top-Notch

While people know her for her singing and overall entertainment value, she’s actually an amazing songstress. She’s penned songs for Nicki Minaj, Kelly Clarkson, Selena Gomez, Britney Spears, and more. With a track record of No.1 songs on her own work, it’s not surprising she can write for others.


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